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ABOUT Grant 

I am a Touring Professional and Teaching Professional based out of Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club in western Sydney; and available for lessons at Barton Park and Tempe Driving Ranges (near Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport). My career has seen many challenges and my path to professional golf has been far from the conventional journey.


Starting in my early teens and following some success in junior golf, I was awarded a college scholarship in the USA, where between 1996-98 I competed in college and university tournaments throughout the country, whilst completing an Associate Degree in Science (Psychology). The next few years would prove to be challenging and after several setbacks, I began to lose sight of my passion and the enjoyment in practicing and playing golf and I decided a few months off over the summer would provide me with a well needed break…those few months quickly turned into four years away from the game. It’s during these four years that I would start a career in Operations Management, setting the cornerstone of my business background.  


Time quickly past and I began to play golf socially again, slowly regaining my passion and after a few years returned to competitive amateur golf. The catalyst for my focus to turn to professional golf came in November 2010 at the Australian Open at The Lakes GC. Walking the front nine with my long-time coach and golf mentor, Gary Barter, we were discussing my game whilst watching another of Gary’s players, Matt Jones, play his opening round of the tournament. I watched Matt play his approach shot to the par 5 8th and caught myself soaking up the atmosphere of the event. It was at that moment that I decided…“This is where I want to be!”

Reignited, I continued working full-time in 2011 but played several of Australia’s bigger amateur events, staged in NSW in the early part of 2011, to test my game. I won the NSW Champion of Champions, finished Tied 7th in the NSW Medal and 5th in the Avondale Medal and was selected in NSW's 2011 State Squad. In beating many of the country’s best amateurs across several events, whilst working 40-50 hours per week, I decided to pursue my aspirations of playing professional golf once more.


I left the business world in late October 2011 and six weeks later shot 67 to pre-qualify for the 2011 Australian Masters at Victoria GC on Melbourne’s famous sand-belt. After my Tuesday practice round, I was having lunch in the players’ lounge when Luke Donald, the world no.1 at the time, joined me at the table. He introduced himself and whilst we spoke, I picked his brain and couldn’t help but think that six weeks prior, I was sitting behind a desk in my office daydreaming about playing professional golf tournaments… a lot had changed in a very brief period. Despite missing the cut in the Australian Master that week, I went on to secure my card for the 2012 PGA Tour of Australasia the following week and officially turned pro on the 1st of January 2012.


Since turning professional, I have had success throughout Australia. Winning two NSW/ACT PGA Circuit events and one QLD PGA Circuit event in 2012. In 2014 I won one NSW/ACT PGA Circuit event, as well as a QLD PGA Circuit event; and my biggest win to-date, at the 2014 Nexus Risk Services South West Open in Bunbury, Western Australia; beating former and current Asian and European Tour members to the title.


Over the course of my professional career, I have developed a reputation as not only as a good player but also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to helping my fellow professionals, family and friends improve their games. I have taken pride in assuming a mentoring role at times for some younger amateurs and professionals; and my success and connection with golfers of all levels wanting to improve their games, has instilled a drive in me to become a world-class teaching professional.


My approach is two pronged; working to improve the abilities of my students and through that, their enjoyment and success in the game; and more broadly, becoming a leader within the golf industry, working to drive the game forward in a variety of capacities; beginning with my students; and other golfers and leaders within the golf industry.


Whilst I will continue to work towards winning tournaments on the PGA Tour of Australasia; I am available at Twin Creeks Golf & Country Club for Swing / Ball Striking, Pitching, Short Game and Putting Lessons; as well as On Course Lessons; and hosting Private and Corporate Golf Days; and available for Swing / Ball Striking Lessons at Barton Park and Tempe Driving Range. 

Grant Thomas Golf - Teaching Professional




teaching philoSOPHy

The best players in the world have one thing in common, they are all technically proficient. However, what sets them apart from one another are subtle differences, or individual preferences, in each part of the game.


The combination of these technical essentials and individual preferences, allows the best players in the world to perform continuously at the highest level; but doing so in their own unique way. 

My teaching philosophy focuses on developing the technical essentials needed by each player, whilst also identifying and instilling their individual preferences. By combining both these aspects, I unlock the unique combination that will provide real improvement in each player’s game.

Philosophy Overview...


Swing / Ball Striking:

The use of the correct assembly at set-up to enable players to move the weight of the club throughout the swing; and through the use of the correct weight / force shifts, allow the player to work their body in the correct sequence and move the club on the right path and plane (for them), to deliver a late hit and consistent strike.


Short Game:

The use of the correct assembly at set-up, the correct club path for each shot; and how to create and hold the right angles and through the use of the body, move the weight of the club to release those angles and deliver the correct strike to control ball speed, flight and spin. 



The use of the correct assembly at set-up to ensure each player is able to maintain the connection between their torso, arms and putter, that will enable the player to move weight of the putter on the right path (for them) and deliver a consistent strike; whilst most importantly, maintaining connection (mentally) with the hole.

Course Management:
To truly deliver game improvement, technical essentials and individual preferences must be accompanied by the right mental skills, course management strategies, the ability to play with patience; and make good decisions whilst under pressure. My course / game managament approach assists players in building these mental skills through a guided process of self-discovery and application; that will ultimatley lower your scores and get the most out of each round you play.

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